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Q: How do I know if there is asbestos in my fibro?

A: If fibro pre dates 1982 it will have asbestos content


Q: My do-it-yourself partner has removed some fibro with a hammer. Can I tidy up with my vacuum cleaner?

A: No, your house will require decontamination with specialist equipment.


Q: Can I remove the asbestos myself?

A: If the quantity exceeds 10m2, you must use a licenced asbestos removalist.


Q: Who owns the salvage from a demolition?

A: Dingo Demolitions normally retains salvage rights (which reduces the cost of the demolition).


Q: Must I notify council regarding an asbestos removal or demolition?

A: Demolitions normally require DA approval from council, asbestos removal requires notification to Workcover which is arranged by Dingo Demolitions.

Asbestos removal

For all your demolition concerns and requirements from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads and all places west, please contact us today for advice and an obligation free quote.


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